3 Tier Bathroom Organizer

699 Inc. GST

  • Made of heavy duty plastic
  • Sturdy and easy to clean. Super-load bearing, quality assurance
  • Space saving: This space saver will make full use of space in your room ,as well as make your room look clean and tidy
  • Easy to install: Wall mounted includes all parts for installation, no drill and screw required, super adhesive wall stickers
  • Large capacity: Consists of 2 drain design shallow shelves and 1 deep caddy and 1 towel rail. Could be set up in kitchen, bathroom, living room, fits any mounting surface with a smooth surface. Suitable for glass, tile, stainless steel surface




Sturdy and Durable

This product is built to withstand heavy weights and still stick to the surface, without causing damage to neither your wall nor the items hung onto it. It is made of strong materials that can take all the rough handling of a kitchen or bathroom use with grace.

Strong Bearing Force

The three tier shelf sports a very strong adhesive which makes it easy to apply wherever needed. The adhesive is directly linked to a stainless steel plates of large surface area that ensure even better bonding with the sticking surface.

Waterproof & Oilproof

If you intend to use this product in the kitchen or bathroom, it is surely going to interact with fluids. This however, poses no threat to the high quality adhesive used in the magic sticker to keep this three tier shelf in place.

No Drilling Required

A lot of people are tentative and unsettled when it comes to drilling holes in their walls for any purpose. Not only does it create mess, but also can challenge the integrity of your walls sometimes. Thankfully, all you have to do to install this three tier shelf is peel some stickers and stick it in place!


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