Car Cleaning Brush Microfiber Cleaning Sponge

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  • A handy 2 in 1 cleaning tool for car, bike, other vehicles, glass window, mirror, tiles etc. It has sponge on one side and microfiber strands on the other.
  • Sponge Will Not Scratch or Damage The Car Paintwork. Traps Dust, Dirt and Grease Particles Effectively.
  • For Polishing, Dry The Sponge and Lightly Wipe Down The Surfaces.Strap at the Back of The Sponge for Easy to Use.
  • Use For Car, Auto, Bike, Ceramic Tiles, Glass Windows, Mirrors Etc. Strap at The Back for Hand Cleaning.
  • Dampen The Sponge with Water and Wipe Surfaces Clean. No Need for Household Chemicals.


Car Cleaning Brush solve all your cleaning woes with this microfiber cloth and sponge. You can use this Brush for wiping & scrubbing so it is useful when you wash your car at home. We ensuring a proper grip and easy to handle design is good for user. This microfiber sponge is easy to use and is the perfect cleaning aid to have with your car.
Lint free and water absorbent
The microfiber cloth is lint free and captures dust making it ideal for cleaning clear surfaces such as glass and mirrors.  it serves as a great mop and duster as well. Enjoy a great car wash with this cleaning tool
Attached straps
The strips also serve as a barrier between your hands and dirt.
Dual material used in sponge.
With a sponge on one end and microfiber cloth on the other. it is a handy two in one tool which can clean a variety of items and surfaces effectively. Removing dirt and dust from any kind of surface be it indoors, outdoors & your car etc.
Easy to clean
The Car Cleaning Brush of microfiber cloth can be easily cleaned using water. Air or sun dried for best results.

Keep your surroundings clean with this microfiber chenille duster with sponge and grip.

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