Dasatva Baby Head Protector Safety Pad Cushion | Butterfly

349 Inc. GST

  • Use Baby close skin fabrics, close-fitting use more comfortable and soft.
  • Well designed for babies learning to walk, can effectively avoid injuries or the risk of tumbling.
  • Straps are designed according to baby, comfortable without feeling tight.
  • This protection pad is made of great cotton! Effectively protect babies from hurting when they fall.
  • This head protection pad is beautifully made, your baby looks like a bee, rabbit in this head protection cushion.


HEAD PROTECTOR:- The Head protector is to give protection to babies during their accidental fall. Normally babies tries to crawl or walk or play at an early age and falls during this process and get injured. Sometime the head injury are of serious nature. This protector reduces the impact of fall and give full proof safety to babies. Premium Quality Soft Material The Head Protector has been made of premium quality soft and thick PP cotton. It is also provided with two ears which ensure full proof safety of baby. Front Buckle for Greater Safety With Retractable straps and Adjustable Size Extra safety has been provided to ensure that Head Protector does not come out while the baby is playing or falling while playing. A front buckle has been given which is to be fastened around baby’s chest


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