Dasatva Refillable Clipper Gas Lighter for Fires, BBQ, Candles

149 Inc. GST

  • Lock and unlock switch, can maintain flow of flame by to switch
  • Don’t Light for more than 30sec
  • Do not expose to sunlight more then 50*C or in continuous sunlight
  • Keep away from clothes and children
  • Ensure the Lighter is not lighted while refilling


Gas Lighter. Long life of gas Lighter. Better design. multi colours available. Can maintain flow of gas flame. Switch can locked or unlocked, too keep away from children. With gas Refill, A truly multi purpose flame lighter for every household use even beyond Lock and unlock Switch, Can maintain flow of flame by to switch. Well Designed and Modern look of lighter. Long life of Gas, Now light effortlessly your Candles, your Agarbattis, your Puja lamps, your mosquito coils, your Barbeques and of course your Gas stoves.


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