Garlic Chopper | Ginger Chopper

199 Inc. GST

  • High-Quality Stainless Steel, Suitable for Everyday Use And Will Withstand Heavy Usage On Crushing Garlic
  • Material – Blades are made up of Stainless Steel. Non-corrosion, Durable, Strong, Sturdy, Powerful
  • No Electricity Required. Bottom compartment traps food neatly inside while you use it, so there’s no counter mess to wipe up.
  • Garlic cutter made out of ABS Durable plastic
  • Garlic presser for kitchen is made in India product.

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Garlic cutter chopper is Fast and easy to slice, mince, and store. Garlic cutter chopper &slicer Stores garlic in clear container leaving no odor on hands. garlic cutter for kitchen is used for Just slice, mince, and store in the refrigerator High-quality construction with stainless steel blades Also includes a micro grating surface on the bottom of removable container Dishwasher Safe Garlic is stored in the clear removable container beneath, leaving no odor on hands. garlic cutter for kitchen is Comes with 2 blades – one for mincing or dicing and another one for slicing. garlic presser chopper Put the cleaned garlic in the top, close and press. Garlic stores in removable clear container in bottom. Bottom of removable container also has a micro-grating surface for grated garlic. Close top and store in refrigerator for next use. No more mess! High quality construction with stainless steel blades. Second blade stores in bottom.


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