Garlic Crusher Stainless Steel| Black

249 Inc. GST





How to use garlic press.

  1. Peeler the garlic: Before pressing, you can peel the garlic with the silicone tube roller. Just put the garlic into the tube roller, with your hand to go back and forth. if it is not easy to peel, you can just cut the both ends of the garlic.
  2. Press the garlic: Put the garlic under the garlic press, move back and forth several times, the garlic will go through the hole. If you have a big garlic, don’t worry about the size of the big size of garlic this model can handle all sizes of garlic for crushing.
  3. Sweep the garlic: The garlic go through the hole, lay on the surface, then just use the brush to sweep the garlic off.
  4. 4.Clean the garlic press: Just put the garlic press into the dishwasher or rinse with water with the cleaning brush


Where to watch : 

You can watch garlic press product video here: YouTube Video

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