Wooden Chopping Board Kitchen Cutting Slicing Board of Bamboo | 30CM X 20CM X 1.7CM

200 Inc. GST

  • For Fruits Vegetables Meat
  • Material: Wooden
  • Slicing Board
  • Ideal for all kind of cutting, Anti-Bacterial and Super awesome quality
  • Excellent Quality Bamboo Wood


A cutting board is essential for every kitchen. In choosing a cutting board, there are so many things to consider that one can find oneself lost in the many choices available in the market. Bamboo lies in the heart of this cutting board, making it highly desirable item in your kitchen space. It gives all the manifold advantages of bamboo, a naturally occurring resource, which makes this cutting board edge itself ahead of other cutting boards.

Bamboo is a green, natural material that is lightweight but harder than wood and makes an excellent cutting surface. It is hard enough to allow for good easy cutting, but soft on knife edges. It resists deep scratches and cracks which may harbors bacteria, making it safe for foods. It is tough and durable and lasts many years, giving excellent results every time one uses this bamboo chopping board. It requires low maintenance and is easy to clean and


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